Mustafa Majeed fought to end institutionalized racism in the motion picture and construction industries in New York City. Majeed and his demonstrators were directly responsible for forcing producers to hire Blacks and Latinos on films and TV productions such as: Godfather, Batman, Desperately Seeking Susan, Ghostbusters and New York Undercover.

Mustafa began his New York activism campaign with the Fight Back Organization, under the mentorship of Jim Haughton, which fought for jobs for people of color in the construction industry. He felt the fight to life, liberty, and happiness began with employment and fair wages. Mustafa took on the Mafia controlled construction industry and began shutting down construction sites. The attitude was if we don't work nobody works.

He would load up buses with the biggest and strongest brothers he could find. Often he would recruit directly from the city's homeless shelters or grab brothers off the street corner. As the General of the Fruit of Islam, he knew how to lead men. Sometimes rolling up on construction sites 150 -200 men deep with objective of stopping construction until the foremen hired some of the men that he brought with them. The construction sites that were losing upwards of $300,000 per day forcing fore-mans to hire some of Mustafa's protesters on the spot .

Mustafa quickly gained the support of Mayor Ed Koch which gave Mustafa a lot of leverage. The police where encouraged to assist and dispelled the confrontations as quickly as possible because Mustafa always had camera's on them .

Mayor Koch would latter introduce Mustafa to Ossie Davis,  Gordon Parks and Nispey Russell who educated Mustafa on the Film and TV industry. The three explained that if the set was shutdown the studios would still have to pay the union workers. Mustafa begin  to shut down motion potion picture and television productions with the same force and vigor he did with the construction sites.

Mustafa's message and tactics were clear. No longer will people of color be excluded from productions in New York. No longer would production companies shoot films in New York City and not hire qualified minority technicians. He is an intelligent man who understands how to build alliances.  He also knew that he had the law on his side. Discrimination is wrong and illegal.

The climate changed when New York elected its first Black Mayor.  Mayor Dinkins quickly moved to withdraw the governmental support that was abundant under Mayor Koch. City funding of Mustafa's programs was stopped. In 1991 Mayor Dinkins announced legal action would be filed against Mustafa Majeed on behalf of the Motion Picture and Television industries. Mustafa was indicted on federal extortion charges in June of 1992. One year later all charges were dropped.

After the charges where dropped and funding  for the Communications Industry Skills Center stopped. Mustafa took over as head of the security for Don King. Eventually personally handling security for Mike Tyson. Mustafa continues he fights against racism and discrimination in the city of Philadelphia. 


People Crucial to Telling Mustafa's Story

Akkbar Muhammad

Ronnie Wheeler

Dick Gregory

Woody Allen

Phylicia Rashad

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Preston Holmes

Bill Cosby

Keith Wright

Francis Ford Copola

Don King

Spike Lee

Jesse Jackson

Robert Dinero

Mike Tyson

Al Sharpton

I support this film because

This is a film that I definitely want to support. I see a man standing up for us in an industry were we are not given jobs or opportunities. Others won't know our struggles because they don't live our lives everyday. Mustafa seemed to sacrifice time, sweat, and energy to make sure his people were taken care of. He reminds me a modern day Malcolm X for the movie industry. I don't see a lot of that today. I want this kind of teaching to prosper, so that people with my skin color and those after me, can get the fair opportunities as our white counterparts. We must teach the past to live for the present and prepare for the future, so that we don't repeat those same mistakes. This is an important story that needs to be told.