During the 1980's and 90's, Mustafa Majeed reeked havoc against the construction and Motion Picture Industry in New York City. He shut down construction sites and film shoots until he forced them to hire Black and Latino workers.  Trump Towers, Batman,  Godfather, Ghostbusters are just a few major names that Mustafa forced to change their racist and discriminatory hiring practices. This is his story.


Mustafa vs Sydney Lumet

Mustafa vs Don King

Mustafa vs Bill Cosby & Will Smith

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This is a film that I definitely want to support. I see a man standing up for us in an industry were we are not given jobs or opportunities. Others won't know our struggles because they don't live our lives everyday. Mustafa seemed to sacrifice time, sweat, and energy to make sure his people were taken care of. He reminds me a modern day Malcolm X for the movie industry. I don't see a lot of that today. I want this kind of teaching to prosper, so that people with my skin color and those after me, can get the fair opportunities as our white counterparts. We must teach the past to live for the present and prepare for the future, so that we don't repeat those same mistakes. This is an important story that needs to be told.